How it works

CARGURU is a car sharing service. The price for use includes absolutely all costs, including fuel, parking charge and insurance.

It is very easy to become a user! Register in the system, wait for the confirmation and start using any free car.

To start a rental, find a suitable car on the map or in the list of available cars. Book the car, then click “Start a trip” in the active booking window and the car will open. You will find the keys and documents in the car.

With the engine switched off, a more favourable stand-by mode tariff is automatically applied. If the remaining fuel in the tank is less than 25%, refill the car and get a 10% discount on the current booking!

To end your trip, park the car in a place permitted by the rules of CARGURU. Leave the documents and keys in the car, step out of the car, close the door and press “End the trip” in the active booking window – the rental will be ended and the car will be closed.

Please drive carefully and keep the interior of the car clean, so that clients who are going to use the car after you would feel comfortable in a clean car. You can find more information in the section "Useful Information".

Where to find

Kur atrast

CARGURU cars are easy to find in the most popular places of the city!

Just download our application, find the right car on the map or in the list of free cars, reserve it and start to use it!